Kitchen Aid & 50 Shades of Red

A mixer not my own

A mixer not my own

Oh Kitchen Aid. You had me at hello. There you were, all stacked up in a glorious tower on the floor of Macy’s cellar. So many colors to choose from and me with a Macy’s credit card.

I don’t know why, but I wanted one of those mixers and I wanted it in red.
I had never wanted a stand mixer before and I don’t really like the color red, but there was something about it that called to me.

“Suuuuuuuzy. Suuuuuuuuuuuzy. Buy me. Buy me RIGHT NOW!”

And so I did.

Forsaking the pair of boots I had come to buy, bypassing the pretty sweaters I didn’t need in our Los Angeles weather but thought I should get, totally ignoring everything in the jewelry department, my heart all of a sudden longed for that red Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

So I bought it. In a rush I sped home, flung open my door, grabbed a knife and made a surgical incision along the packing tape and ripped that mixer right out of the box.

Ahhhhhhhhh. It was everything I thought it would be. It was red. It was sturdy.
In it’s shiny stainless steel bowl held infinite possibilities.

I could make…..

I could make…..

Who was I kidding?

I had no idea what I could make with a stand mixer.  I knew I could mix things, for that was the nature of a stand mixer.  But I had things I could use to mix things.  A spoon.  A small hand mixer.  My hands.

What could I mix that needed such a beautiful, colorful, shiny thing?

I mean, most of the things I usually mixed had one dry ingredient for which you added water or milk or one more thing like an egg.

just add something

just add something

I needed something more ambitious.

So with everything that I need to know about, I turned to the internet and this is what I found.


Cookies, cookies and more cookies.

Not the slice and bake kind, not the just add an egg kind but beautiful, handcrafted, highly decorated cookies.

Beautiful Cookies


Inspirational Cookies



This would be it. This would be a way I could make a Country Living.  I could make cookies and sell them in  a brand new Etsy shop.  I could make cookies on Saturday, post them on Sunday and by Monday Nabisco or some other mega-cookie company would be knocking on my door, begging me for my cookies.  Perhaps I would even get a home-invasion type visit from those Keebler Elves. (But not the old one. He’s just creepy.)

The possibilities!

Of course I would need a couple of things before I started this empire, and for those things, I would need a trip to the Dollar Store, the store where all empires begin.

And of course, I would need to learn how to make cookies.



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