Blogs & Learning Curves

I hate them both. I had tried to blog in the past. In the very distant past. When Blogs first became available. When I was a writer. Not that I’m not a writer anymore, it’s just that I don’t write as much as I did. If at all. Unless you count grocery lists and texts.

At that time, it seemed a cool thing to do. This stream of consciousness kind of “Dear Diary” writing. But then I thought… posting a diary online? For all the world to see? When I had an actual diary I used to hide it in my room. Not that I ever did anything worth hiding, but my thoughts were really the only truly private thing I had and once you share them, they’re not so private anymore.
I had a problem with that.
You see once I finished a diary, I burned it. Just in case for some awful reason I died suddenly. I just didn’t want anyone, particularly anyone I knew to find my diary and read what I had been thinking all those years.
I am pretty shy and very private, but my thoughts tend to run rampant and to places where I should not let them go, so this blogging thing…
Well anyway, I tried. But at the time I was actually a writer for hire and as any writer will tell you, writing is the last thing writers want to do. Writers love having written, but actually sitting down to write something, particularly on a deadline, especially when there are so many things that seem so pressing. Like cleaning out the refrigerator and washing down the shelves. The lawn needs to be watered. Now. T-shirts need to be gone through and thrown away or re-folded so they’re color coded.




So I decided that blogs were just not for me.

Then all these many many years later, when I got the idea into my head (courtesy of those Country Living Magazines, thank you VERY much) that perhaps I too, would like to make A Country Living, I started to investigate what & how other people were making a country living.
Turns out, most of them have blogs.
But not just any blogs.
Cute blogs. Pretty Blogs, Sweet Blogs.
Blogs with lovely designs. Blogs filled with helpful how-tos. Blogs filled with followers. Blogs filled with sponsors. Blogs filled with links to other blogs.
It was a bit overwhelming.
I read them, I followed the how-tos. I bookmarked them.

not my Blogs, not my photo.

not my blogs, not my photos

They were my Gurus on my way to making-a-country-living-nirvana.
I was grateful to them and I hated them.
They were so lovely to look at, so easy to read. But my burning question was “How the heck did they find the time to take the photos and put together such a well-organized step by step, look how easy it is and voila!” blog?
I have a hard time remembering to post photos of whatever I’m having for dinner to Facebook.
And when Im trying to create something, I get so wrapped up in the project (and sometimes so messed up and confused), that everything is back in the box with nary a “voila” moment before I remember to take one photo, much less a series of photos.
It was very very discouraging.
Which brings me to learning curves.
Now I know that anything worth doing well is going to take some doing. You have to put in the time and you have to put in more time and you have to be able to do it badly before you do it well. Im okay with that. I do a lot of things badly and I do a lot of things not so badly and I do a lot of things well.
It’s just that my Guru Bloggers on their pretty blogs made everything look so easy in their picture-perfect-step-by-step 1,2,3 and Voila! Blogs. Which bring me back to Country Living Magazine. On those Making A Country Living Pages, the story always seems to go something like this:

Former CEOs

Former CEOs

“Happy Couple standing in front of their quaint & rustic New Country Living Home with a Beautiful View and Sometimes A Pond out Back who left their Stressful Jobs as CEOs at Stressful Corporate Company to start their new Making A Country Living Company when they started making Interesting All Natural Eco Friendly Repurposed and perhaps something to do with a Goat Country Living Items and opened an Etsy shop one day only to discover the next morning they had sold out of their Country Living Items and had orders from Major Retailers.
It sounded so easy.
I could do that.

Maybe not the CEO part. I am not a CEO kind of gal. As a matter of fact my very first “grown-up” job required me to wear stockings and pumps and take the train into Manhattan at rush hour. With everyone else. Too many everyone elses.
The job lasted one day.
Perhaps I had to be a CEO at Stressful Corporate Company to become a person who could then leave the Stressful Corporate Company to start an Etsy shop and make A Country Living.
Well that may be, but I tend to think that there is more than one way to skin an Interesting All Natural Eco Friendly Repurposed and perhaps something to do with a Goat. So despite the learning curves and the overwhelming amount of of lovely blogs that are out there with their beautiful and well organized 1,2,3 Voila! How-To’s, I am bound and determined to make A Country Living so I can also one day stand in front of my own quant & rustic New Country Living Home with a Beautiful View and Sometimes A Pond Out Back.

And if I die trying I promise you will never find my diaries.



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