A Hitch in their Giddy-Ap


So by the time the wheels of the plane had touched the earth at LAX, my family – my Sicilian family (which I will just refer to in future posts as “The Family” and you can draw your own conclusions) had already found a Realtor and the Realtor had found several homes for me to look at in Florida. More than several. More like 9.

I hadn’t even unpacked from the trip.

But there was a small problem with their plan.

I had a horse. Actually I had two horses.  One was 15 years old, a gelding, and the other, a mare, was 32 years old.

And she – the mare – couldn’t travel. Not at 32. Not around the the block and certainly not across the country.


And so with some sadness in my voice, I told The Family that it was impossible for me to move across the country with such an elderly horse.  It would just have to wait until she went to that big, green pasture in the sky.


They said they understood, which they did.  The move would have to wait.


And so I continued to find a way to make A Country Living.  To create something that I could post on my Etsy Shop and Voila!  Some Huge Retail Organization would email me requesting One Million Units of my One of a Kind Fabulous Creation and that would be that.

I would have it made.

And be able to move The Family to Los Angeles – to a 50 acre Family Compound with a Private Jet, Personal Chefs, Wall-to-Wall Servants, Celebrity Dog Walkers and all the things The Family could ever desire.  The Crawleys would turn green. Green!


Distant Relatives (photo from PBS)

And I wouldn’t have to pack a thing.

That was March.  On April 1st, my beloved girl horse, Beauty, went to that big, green pasture in the sky. I don’t like to post such news. Not on Facebook, not on Twitter, not in a Text or a Blog. I don’t like to even tell people, The Family included, in person or on the phone.

I know people mean well, but I don’t want to be reminded that something I loved so much is gone. I know they are sorry for my loss, but I am sorrier.  I just don’t want to have to think about it because it is all I can think about.  For the days and weeks afterwards, time just stops but everything else just keeps on going.

So when the phone rang on April 2nd, I wasn’t that surprised.

And so I started to pack.






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