and a 5,6,7,8!

Ok, so here I go.  Boldly into the future where no man has gone before.

Or something like that.

January 1st, 2017.

I bought a pair of tap shoes on Amazon with a gift card I got for Christmas from my friend Peter Sanchez.  I already have a pair of tap shoes I got for Christmas from my friend Kathy Carpenter.  They were on my massive 60th Birthday Gift list I posted on Facebook.

It was a lot of fun posting that list.

Future Husband

Future Husband

I picked out almost everything I could think of that I wanted and because I have such wonderful friends, I did receive quite a lot of them, including some cows.  I was a little disappointed I didn’t get Tommy Lee Jones, but the year is young and maybe he just got lost in the mail.

Anyway, the tap shoes I got from Kathy are a little narrow, so I took them to the shoe maker to have them stretched.  I found on Youtube that you can actually stretch shoes in your freezer using plastic bags full of water.

I started to try it but I quickly realized that was a disaster waiting to happen and for $10, Gary at Gary’s Shoe Repair Shop would stretch them.  Maybe he uses plastic bags full of water too, but he’s a professional and some things are best left to them.  If you want to see how you can stretch shoes in your freezer here is the link.  Tuesday Tips With Tina.  I don’t know what other tips Tina has but if I need to find out where Tommy Lee Jones is, she probably has a tip for that.

Come and meet those dancing feet!

Come and meet those dancing feet!

In the meantime, I ordered a second pair of taps shoes.  These are black and white.  Very spiffy. And because of the gift card, free.   A girl can’t have too many tap shoes. Tap class starts on January 4th.  It’s been a long time since I took a tap class, but some of my best memories are of shuffle shuffle step step stepping in Mrs. Lyttle’s basement.  Mrs. Lyttle was a former Rockette. She took me to an audition and they told me if I could grow 9 inches I was in.

Well, I never got in, but I did get to dance on the Radio City stage so that was something.  My Tap Teacher’s name is Susie and she reminds me of Mrs. Lyttle. They kind of look the same.  Tall, red hair – and she wears the same tan colored character tap shoes Mrs. Lyttle did.  The one with the heel.  Everyone in class wears flats.  I never wore flats, that’s how long it’s been since I’ve been to tap class.  They take some getting used to.

The second thing I did was to call another High School friend, Scott Sedita. He runs a wonderful acting school here in Los Angeles.  He’s written a few books, one of which I bought on Amazon as a Christmas gift for myself.  Scott is somewhere in this photo:


Where’s Scott?

I know he remembers me from High School so let’s see if he returns my call.

So those are the three things I did to kick off my career on the 1st day of the New Year.   Three tiny steps. Shuffle, Shuffle, step, step, step.

I think Mrs. Lyttle would be proud.

(Round of Applause here)


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