I’m not going to tell you Royan’s last name because she was somewhat offended by my post about the tiny trailer that I had written.

That’s a problem when you have a friend who is a writer.  Sooner or later your name is going to appear in print somewhere.  When she called me on it I told her I take no prisoners and make no apologies, and frankly, at this point, I don’t on both counts, but I certainly don’t want to hurt her feelings because she has been very kind to me over the years.

When I told her I was going to turn this into a movie, she said she wanted to be in it, but didn’t want her name used.   So I won’t.  But I would definitely get Shirley MacLaine to play her, although knowing the politics of both ladies, that might not be the best idea.

I always thought Royan was the daughter of Roy Rogers because she owns the horse ranch where my horse lives, and hopefully will still live, after I’ve finished writing this and if she reads it.   I thought that’s where the Roy part of her name came from.

She isn’t but she is the daughter of someone else who was famous on TV once upon a time.

I always thought of her as the Queen of Shadow Hills, along with her husband who had more grace, charm and honor than Cary Grant.  He was also as handsome.  He’s gone now and is very much missed.  They made quite a couple.

The ranch they built together is like a 5 star hotel for horses.  They have 4 excellent men taking care of some 50 horses and with Royan at the helm, the place runs like clockwork and the horse owners have peace of mind that their 1000 lb pets are extremely well taken care of.  It’s by far the most beautiful of all the boarding facilities in the area.  The landscaping is lush and she even has a pool that she allows the boarders to use.   I wish she would put one in for the horses, but I guess that’s a lot to ask.   They have a gigantic pasture on the side of the mountain and most all of the horses go out to play every day after breakfast and then the ranch hands bring them all in for dinner.

I wish someone would do that for me.

Royan is a little quirky too.  Once she sent me an email to tell me that I had been spelling her name wrong on the emails I had sent her.  I corrected it but I didn’t correct her about the spelling of my name, which she had been spelling wrong for years.  A rose by any other name…

I was extremely grateful she allowed me the use of the tiny trailer and very sorry it didn’t work out the way my Pinterest dreams had led me to believe they would.   I’m sorry she took my description so hard, but the truth is that every time I think of the first time I stepped foot in that trailer and looked around, all I do is laugh.


Pinterest Dreams

And if a friend can make you laugh, even inadvertently, that’s a good friend.



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