Scott Sedita & The Yellow Brick Road

Sooooooooo, here I was, in Los Angeles, with my three doggies, a horse and a POD packed with a house full of stuff.   And unlike Dorothy, who just wanted to go back home to Kansas, I was no longer really sure where home was anymore.   It wasn’t, and may never have been, Florida and it was no longer New York, and it didn’t feel like Los Angeles, either.


But I knew where the home in my heart was and that was being the actor I was born to be and that’s where I wanted to go back to.

But I wasn’t sure how to get there.

But I knew who would know.

And that was Scott Sedita.

Where's Scott?

Where’s Scott?

I knew Scott Sedita from a long time ago, in a tiny town called Glen Cove in a land called New York.   We were in High School together and by High School I mean Theater, because when I think of my time in High School all I can remember is the theater because that’s where I spent most all of my time.

He was a few years behind me and at that time,  Scott Sedita had big hair.  And a big voice.  And a big smile. And a big heart.

Where's Scott?

Where’s Scott?

In Guys And Dolls, Scott played Big Jule, a out-of-town gangster from East Cicero, Illinois.  I can still remember his performance. He was very, very funny.  His timing was impeccable.   I’m not so sure about his dancing, but in High School most boys tended to be a little on the clumsy side when it came to dance.   It was a great show and my last in High School. I graduated that year.  1974.

Years went by and I would get bits of information of what everyone was doing from increasingly infrequent visits home as I made my way into the world.   Names became somewhat vague.  Personalities, once so big and bright, became dimmer. Faces became blurred with time and distance.   Memories were put into boxes along with yearbooks, to be taken out every 10 years or so until there were more decades separating those memories than the years that had created them.  And then radio silence.

Until 2008, when I joined Facebook.  square-facebook-512

Like some massive homecoming dance where everyone shows up, everybody showed up.  One by one those faces came back into focus.

And one of those faces was Scott’s.


Scott Sedita was alive and well and living in Los Angeles.  As was I.   He had become an acting teacher, had a studio and had written some books.  He had developed a great reputation and judging by his FB posts, a real passion for his profession and a strong desire to see his students succeed and unbridled joy when they did.


And everyone else seemed to think very highly of him as well.  There were testimonials on all of his books, from actors who had succeeded.  There was a review from Christopher Meloni, of Law and Order.  I am a huge fan of that show and if I know anything about anyone, I know that Christopher Meloni would never lie. Ever.


There were reviews from Josh Duhamel, whose name is vaguely familiar and who may or may not lie, and a review from Jason Alexander, whose name I most definitely know and who I think would most probably lie, most likely for a laugh, but more likely for any reason.  Or I could just be confusing Jason for his character, George Constanza, on Seinfeld.  Or not.


Scott’s books were on Amazon, in many formats, including Kindle, with many Reviews, all 5 Star, except one from an actor in Tokyo, who gave the book 2 stars, because the book wasn’t about what he thought it would be about.


That’s a problem with books in particular and life in general. You never know what it’s going to be about until you get through it, and sometimes it can be disappointing.


But the point was that Scott Sedita’s book was being read, however disappointingly, by some guy in Tokyo.  Scott Sedita was International.  That’s a long way from East Cicero, Illinois.  And pretty far from Glen Cove, too.

And there were more reviews.  A whole page of them, from people who I had never heard of and didn’t really care if they lied or not.


Because that wasn’t the point.  The point was that people in Hollywood were talking about Scott Sedita.   People were saying that Scott Sedita helped people like me get to where they wanted to go.



Scott Sedita, I thought to myself, must be a Wizard.  He must know, more than anyone, how I can get back to the home I had in my heart.

And because I know Scott Sedita and Scott Sedita knows me, and we have a 2 year history over 40 years ago,  and an 8 year FB friendship, I called him.

And he gave me a 10 minute appointment.


But hey, that’s Hollywood, so I grabbed my brand new Black and White Tap Shoes, left my 3 dogs on the couch and headed down that yellow brick road to the Emerald City to see Scott and ask him how I could get back to the home in my heart.

I was off to see the Wizard.

photo credit: Marjorie Joan Mannos

The Emerald City
photo credit Majorie Joan Mannos



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