Peter Sanchez ….. As Himself

Temple U

I’ve known Peter for a long time.  Maybe about 20 years.  We met at our neighborhood dog park, when I had my first dog, Willie, a big black Lab and my second dog, Frankie a Shepard mix.   Peter always had bearded collies and they were well behaved, unlike all my animals, which are all slightly crazy. Maybe a little more than slightly.

Peter is has a very big heart.  He became very active in his community and always – ALWAYS – tries to the right thing, often with a lot of success.

I’ve gotten to know him and his family very well over the years.  I love his Mom, Mary, who is called Mickie.  She was in a movie I wrote and directed and also some of the commercials I directed.  She is very funny, mostly because she doesn’t think she is.

Peter also was in a few of my productions.  When he first moved to Los Angeles, he took acting classes.  Ostensibly, he told me, to meet people.

But I know different.

Peter really wants to be an actor and he would be very good at it.

This past year we went to an annual Christmas Party hosted by a very talented working actress friend of ours, named Lorna Scott.  It’s always fun because the guests are mostly all actors and very lively.  In a discussion outside by the fire pit, a number of her actor friends told Peter –  they swore -that they knew that Peter was an actor and that they had not only seen him onscreen, but had run into him at some casting sections.

Peter told them he was in the Insurance Business and when they asked me for confirmation, I just made one of those faces, so they didn’t believe him.

That was kind of fun, because I think Peter would be a great actor.  Right now, he is working on a very fun idea for a reality show for one of the HGVT type channels.  I hope he keeps working on it because it’s a great idea and he would be good at it.

t6.1.11 Bob King -- kingJUNK0603c2 -- A couch and other miscellaneous were out on the curb outside a house along East 4th Street Wednesday afternoon.

Photo Credit: t6.1.11 Bob King — kingJUNK0603c2

Peter has 2 quirks that make him interesting.  The big one is that he always needs a lot of time to think about things, like going to the movies or out to dinner or a party.  You have to give him at least a week to think about it.  Sometimes I call him up to ask him to do something that night just to make him crazy.

The second thing is that he never returns phone calls or texts.  Hardly ever.  He rarely initiates them either.  It had crossed my mind that he just doesn’t answer my calls or texts, but whenever I need him, he is always there.  Of course, maybe that is why he doesn’t return my calls or texts. Or call or text me.  I always have something going on that requires some kind of assistance.

He ran for a local public office a few years ago.  He would have made a good Councilman, but I’m sure it would have driven him over the edge, had he won.  Most people who want to do real good in the world shouldn’t run for any kind of office.   Politics is a lot like Hollywood and given the choice I think Peter would be happier as an actor than a politician.  Or maybe he could just play one on TV.  That would be the best of both worlds.



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