Season Five

Log Line:  A 60 Year Old Woman returns to Los Angeles to start over after living in Florida for a year waiting for her Italian parents to move there from NY.


The Back Story:  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Actually, it seemed like a great idea. The perfect idea. The perfect compromise.

Suzy’s parents lived in Glen Cove, NY,  not too far from her brother, who had been keeping an eye on them as they aged, and the large house they had lived in for over 50 years.

Suzy had been living in Los Angeles, working in Show Business (more or less) for over 30 years.


Every year Suzy’s parents had traveled to Florida for 6 weeks during the winter.   It was a nice vacation for them, a break from the winter snow and it was nice vacation for her brother, a break from their parents.

So when it was suggested Suzy move to Florida because her parents were going to actually live there for 6 months out of the year, she readily agreed. Suzy loved her family and her family was very important to her.  Suzy knew her family felt the same way.

Everyone was getting older.  Suzy was in her late 50’s and getting older, her parents were in their mid 80’s and getting older and Suzy suspected that being so close to their parents was making her younger brother older than all of them.



So she agreed to move. It would be a great compromise.  Florida was warm, like Los Angeles.  Florida had palm trees, like Los Angeles.  Suzy’s boss agreed to send her the work she had done, making wigs for Cirque Du Soliel and other theatrical and film projects, to Florida.

Suzy would be able to give her brother  a 6 month break from all the little things that comprised “keeping an eye on” their aging parents.

Suzy imagined starting a new life in Florida, where she would be able to spend time with her parents in Florida before they went to the Big Pasta Pot in the Sky.  They could spend Holidays together,  go sightseeing, shopping.  It had been a very long time since they were all together on a regular basis.

Suzy would have enough time to create a life for herself that would continue and flourish after her parents had departed.

Suzy’s brother would also retire to Florida and there they would all be, together as a family, in Florida.

It sounded perfect.  And so in August of 2015, Suzy packed everything up and moved to Florida.



She packed and moved everything in the little guest house she had been renting into a POD to be moved to Florida to be with her family.  She packed and moved her car onto an Auto Transporter to move to Florida to be with her family.


img_2198She packed and moved her 3 little Chihuahuas into 3 little Airline Approved Travel Bags to move to Florida to be with her family.




She packed her little 1000 lb horse onto a very big Horse Transport Bus to move to Florida to be with her family .

Shilo's Ride

Shilo’s Ride

And she got everything to Florida and unpacked everything.  Everything from the POD went into her new lovely home her family had bought her to live with her 3 little Chihuahuas.  Her car arrived safe and sound and was rolled off the Auto Transporter.  The Bus arrived at the new Equestrian Facility by the Goodyear Blimp and her little 1000 lb horse was unloaded and led to his new horse house.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home




It was a wonderful, wonderful thing, to be starting a new life in a new state that was not too much different from her old state, with all of the things she had loved and collected in her old little guesthouse.  With her 3 little Chihuahuas and her car and her beloved horse who she had had for 15 years. With the work she had been doing for the past 8 years.

It would bee even a more wonderful, wonderful thing once her parents were there for the 6 months she had been told they would be there.  She would have her family back. They could all grow older, together.  It would be great.


After everyone and everything had settled in, Suzy found out that her parents had changed their mind.

They were not going to move to Florida to live for 6 months.  They were not going to live in Florida for any longer than the 6 weeks they had always lived in Florida.  In the winter, when it was cold and sometimes snowed.  They were not actually moving to Florida at all. For her parents, and for her brother, everything would remain exactly the same.  Their lives would go on, exactly as it had been going on, in the large house they had lived in for over 50 years. For them, nothing would change.  Absolutely nothing.

But for Suzy, everything had changed. And little did she know at the time, but before a year had passed, everything would change once again.

And that was the Season Finale of Season Five.

And the beginning of Season Six.